The Sea Caves represent one of the most precious treasures of the entire Gargano. In the stretch of coast between Peschici, Vieste and Mattinata there are many: real caves dug into the limestone rock, each with something unique to display. They have bizarre names as they were baptized by the ancient fishermen.

The unstoppable sea flow and the whipping of the wind have carved the Gargano coast forming wonderful cavities, natural arches, inlets, cliffs, imposing stacks and sea caves. Each sea cave retains a unique and unforgettable charm and each name recalls the morphology, the particularities and the history of each of them.

From Vieste to Baia delle Zagare it is possible to explore them on board the Desirèe Motorboat, which leaves every day, from April 1st to October 31st, from the Port of Vieste. The Gargano coast will give your holiday unforgettable memories and incomparable photos!